Game of Thrones is arguably the best fantasy drama series ever produced. It is the fourth top rated show according to IMDb and ranks second among most popular shows worldwide. The show’s plot revolves around seven families struggling to grab hold of the kingdom. Some people love the series for Dany’s dragons some love it for Jon Snow’s heroism while many also love it for Tyrion’s intellect.

Six seasons have already been released with two still remaining for the show to end. The most anticipated season of show is set to premiere next month, July and the fans are already going crazy. There are hundreds of facts and rumors in the air and we couldn’t stop from sharing them with you all.

But beware, before we proceed, let us remind you that you are reading this at your own risk. If you are allergic to spoilers, please avoid reading this article. Remember, winter is Coming.

Game of Thrones

Let’s start with the facts, shall we?


Release date

The most waited for season of one of the best shows is set to start from July 16, as confirmed by the season’s trailer released by HBO few weeks ago.

View the trailer here and rejoice all your craze.

Lesser episodes count

What is the episodes count for each Game of Thrones season? 10? Well yeah, it used to be but not anymore. HBO has confirmed that season 7 will have seven episodes while season 8 will be featuring six episodes.

Episode schedule

If the show starts on July 16, this means the show will end on the last weekend holiday of August. It could be a bad news if you have already planned an outing that day and you will have to cancel your all plans because,

Game of Throne

GOT > Everything

Ed Sheeran’s ‘I See Fire’ getting real?

YES! The singer who broke many records of American music history is all set to make a cameo appearance in season seven of GOT.

The best fact for sure, right? The news was confirmed by show’s co-creator David Benioff speaking at SXSW festival earlier this March. Ed himself confirmed that he will be appearing in the show. “I do a scene with Maisie [Williams, who plays Arya Stark]. I sing a song and then she goes, ‘oh, that’s a nice song’”, he told Hits Radio.

He’s also a big fan of Maisie Williams and obviously she also loves his songs. It will be a good scene seeing them both together, eh?

Who’s casting in this season?

Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), Emilia Clarke (DaenerysTargaryen) and NikolajCoster (Jaime Lannister) all had reportedly signed up for a seventh season back in late 2014 for $1.1 million per episode. But we never know if all of them will really move to eighth season or not.

Apart from all these main characters, Benjen Stark is also making a comeback. And some possible trouble for Lannisters as Mark Gatiss is returning as TychoNestoris.

Devil’s return is all set

One of the most loathsome villains Game of Thrones has ever seen, Walder Frey is all set to return to the show but how? No idea. The most possible theory is Arya Stark using her ability to borrow the faces and appear as Walder Frey to take further revenge from the Frey family.

Winter is coming

Being hinted from the very start of show, the real and long winter is also here. This winter brings white walkers also known as the dead. They are the most feared thing in whole show and their arrival marks a special turn in the plot of this show, diverting all the attention towards them.

The Great War

As suggested by the trailer released by HBO, the Great War is here with the participants being not confirmed. Is it going to be a war between Daenerys’ army and Lannisters’ or all these families will face the dead making one united force? Only the season itself will reveal the truth. Fingers crossed, literally.

Jim Broadbent as Maester

Professor Horace Slughorn gave us a good time in all time popular Harry Potter movie series and now Jim is ready to play Citadel Maester in season seven, very much as expected. The character will be linked to Sam Tarly and his journey to Citadel.

Game of Thrones season 7


Jon Snow and Dany meet early on

The most anticipated union is very much expected this season. The Dragon Lady and Jon Snow might meet in episode two and form a collision that will fight against Lannisters or the dead, not sure. If Jon Snow is also a Targaryen as implied by the Tower of Joy scene then these two must come together. However, Jon might have to give up his wish to rule over the Westeros as Dany is more furious about her claims.

Littlefinger… Dead?

Sansa has now gained power in North and her relationship with Brother Jon is getting stronger. It is being said that she will ultimately get to know about Peter Baelish revealing information to Cersei Lannister and will order his death sentence.

Jorah will be cured of Greyscale

SerJorahMormont has already faced terrible things in his life. In season six, he made peace with Daenerys, the woman he loves and was told to find cure to his disease. It is said that he will visit Citadel and will seek Sam Tarly’s help to end his illness.

One of Dany’s Dragons will die

Another prominent and reasonable rumor is the death of a Dany’s dragon. Jon and his army will come face to face against white walkers only to be saved by Daenerys but one of her dragons will die to be used by Night’s King as his dead pet. Just when we know the wall is going to fall, a dragon at opposite side makes right sense.

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