How to buy the branded wine opener for your daily drinks?

Different brands of high-quality and affordable wine openers on the market may confuse all beginners to the latest collections of wine openers. The most popular wine openers these days are the screwpull wine openers, rabbit wine openers, and waiter’s friend wine opener. Everyone with ever-increasing desires for the wine opener selection and shopping can explore features and benefits of top brands of high-quality yet affordable wine openers.

It is the suitable time to research the basics of the easiest wine opener and take note of suggestions from wine enthusiasts with years of experiences to open and taste different brands of wine beverages.

Make a good decision

The two pieces in the waiter’s friend wine opener are the boot lever and a spiral. The user-friendly blade is vital for cutting the foil. A sharp flat edge or a serrated type of blade is used in this product. Three steps to use this wine opener are turning the spiral 6 times into the cork, engage the top lever up to the cork’s bottom to start extraction and loosen the cork with either twisting or rocking motion, and twist the cork off.

It is easiest wine openerand used by many people worldwide. Rabbit wine opener is made up of a good clamp which goes around the wine bottle. The lever in this product sets the spiral or worm. You can place the lever on the top of the neck of the bottle, shift the lever upwards o that the worm penetrates the cork and cork is pulled down, and detach the cork from the worm.