Play Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt

How To Play Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt Problem Solving Online Game

It has been said that Duck life 5 is the best game of the entire Duck Life game series. It is really very funny game that makes both the teenagers smile. A lot of challenging activities are there in this game.

Duck Life is the very first game of the entire series that was released in the year 2009. According to the game, the player gets the chance to win the money for bringing up the ducks and making them trained in running, swimming, and climbing. According to the cut scene of this game. There is a beautiful village there, but it has been washed by a devastating tornado, all the buildings are collapsed, crops are damaged and the lives are gone away, people and livestock demolished as the storm pass. The only thing that is left there is a single duck egg. Here, the game begins and all you have to do is to hatch the egg and get the duckling a good training.

The training includes-

  • Running training

This part will enhance the running level. In this level, you have to use up to jump. The rolling logs and the huge boulders are the main obstacles, and you have to train your duckling to jump over it. As the level progress, the speed becomes faster than the last level. In level 5, it becomes an ultimate.

Duck Life 5

  • Flying training

This training will increase the flying level of duckling.  You have to use the left and right arrow key to collect the coin. The use of the keys is very important. As per the authentic Duck Life 5 website, there are some particular set of keys against every move, you have to be apt in all these to get more prize money.

  • Swimming training

The up and down arrow will assist you to swim the duckling. Try to avoid the obstacles in the water to win the coins. Get pushed the off-screen when you caught from the obstacles.


Some up gradation is needed to the duck’s appearance. You can shop for hats for your duckling. It won’t affect the performance but enhance the stylish look. Also, you can paint the duck. It will bring a new dimension of its look. Paint costs 50 coins. Regular seeding is important. You have to buy seeds to make the duck healthy and energetic. At the same time, you have to rebuild the corps. Regular seeds cost 1 coin and the super seed costs 10 coins.

Are you in this game fully? Get the right Duck Life 5 website and be a part of this beautiful world.