buy pokemon go accounts

People are buying & selling Pokémon Go accounts

We once again can add to a list of the Pokémon Go’s ubiquity, since this game redefining “popular” now has the users swapping out their accounts for the cold hard cash. Competition between the gamers and friends across the world is all time high, thus it was just matter of time when people started selling the user credentials to the power-hungry hunters. Grabbing pokemon go accounts in the market instead, you know, playing this game and earning Pokémon you collect, will remove plenty of walking across from hunting experience. Just forget your 20 level Pidgey —open your wallet & you can find yourself with high level the Pikachus or Charizards. This market generally ranges from the accounts in high teens to the low 20s, and with “rare and powerful Pokémon for sale over Craigslist, and Facebook.

Features to Look at

buy pokemon go accounts

Whereas this game features micro transactions that allow the users to bump up the level and make this simple to catch Pokémon by using power ups like “lures,” shortcut removes plenty of hassle and speeds up this process to the Poké-fame. The higher level Pokemon you buy in the market can make it very simple to find out the higher Pokémon level, since this game reveals advanced Pokémon to the experienced players —this gets much better when you go, essentially.

The method provides the way for the players to get back some real-world money that they might have spent on the Pokémon Go. Did you ever “catch ‘em all” or mastered this game already? Selling account will allow you to make back the investment in this game — unluckily, there is not any way you are getting back hours that you sunk in it.

Game’s developers, have got strict policies in selling the account credentials to users, since listings on Facebook and Craigslist are removed shortly when they were posted. And Niantic itself is sending the takedown notices for the terms of violations.


Selling the high level accounts is not the new concept in this gaming world —we have seen this with Clash of Clans, World of Warcraft, or many other games in secondary markets —however that does not make this legal and any less controversial. But, incredibly short period of time that it took for the Pokémon Go game to form their own secondary market will be remarkable and makes this worth to note down.