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The need of oil water separators in air compressors

What are oil water separator?

The air in the compressors have a lot of water vapor quantity. When that water vapour cools down it turns into a dirty and oily watery mixture which cannot be drained down your air compressors’ pipes easily. This is where the oil water separators come into action. Oil water separator is a tool that is fitted in the air compressors. The purpose of these oil water separator for air compressor is to separate the lubricants of the compressor from the drainage water, thus making its passage possible through the drain.

Why are these needed?

Factually, the condensate (condensed water vapour from the air compressor) approximately has 95% water and 5% oily contents. The proportion of these oily content may seem negligible in the overall composition of the condensate but they can significantly damage your air compressor. Hence, it is always advised to invest in a good quality oil water separator for air compressor.

How does it work?

Oil water separator use a filtration process which separates the contaminants form the condenses dirty water. This dirty water passes through several stages of filtration depending on the complexity of the separator, finally leaving out only clean water as its filtration output which after these processes is drained out. A step-by-step procedure on its working can further clarify your understanding.

  • Untreated contaminants are collected in the initial stage through mufflers by using depressurization.
  • This depressurized condensate is then passed through an oil absorbing media which separated water from oil contaminants.
  • The clean water flows out for further filtering and refining process while the oily contaminants sinks to the bottom of the filter jar.

Overall, it is strongly advised to invest in a good quality oil water separator to ensure smooth functioning and longer life of your air compressor.