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10 Ways To Increase YouTube Views And Retain Your Audience

“YouTube”-Modern day’s encyclopaedia. Yes. We can get the information about anything in the YouTube in video format. Once upon a time, if we need any information, then we have to search the same in Google or some other search engines. From there, we can get the needed information in the text format. Text format information is somewhat boring.

To avoid boring and to gain attention from more number of uses, people started to provide information in video format through YouTube by creating their channels.

Today YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Anybody can create a channel on YouTube to upload their content in video format. People can earn through YouTube by posting their content in a monetized video format. The following are the ten ways to get views on youtube and retain your audience. You can also

  1. Create a short and sweet Title

 The title should make people watch your video. The butterfly is get attracted towards the flower with the beauty of the flower. Likewise, people get attracted to your video with the title.

  1. Choose suitable tags for your video

  People use keywords to search for any content or information through search engines. All the keywords are not relevant to the content what they are searching. Try to collect keywords from your friends and supporters and ensure those keywords are included in your video tags.

  1. Upload video content in English

            To get international viewers and subscribers, the video should be posted using the English language. Since English is the international language, people from different nations can understand the contents easily.

get views on youtube

  1. Post videos on popular topics

             To get more viewers and subscribers, you have to create video content with recent and popular topics.

  1. Share video and link on social media

 Share your video clips and links, on social media such as FaceBook, Whatsapp etc., so that, your channel will reach more number of people.

  1. Post videos when the audience is online

            It will increase your videos, view count.

  1. Deliver content with clear tone and voice

 Deliver the content with a clear voice and pronunciation, will attract more audience. It will help the people to understand easily what you are delivering.

  1. Include link address in your Blog

            If you are having a blog, then include your video link address there. While going through the blog, they can also go through your YouTube video link.

  1. Create a video with a good environment setup

 Apart from the quality of the content, you should have a good environment setups like a good quality camera, lighting condition of the room or place and also video editing software.

  1. Add a description of the video

  The description should be added along with the video that is posted. The description should be brief and clear. It will let the viewers decide to watch the video or not.