Aesthetics studies

Beauty in Simpler Forms

Being a part of philosophy, Aesthetics studies the human perception of beauty and its appreciation. During the 20th century, the term beauty has had a whole new definition and people ended up paying hefty sums in order to achieve it. External add-ons, to make you beautiful, were conventional; however, they had their own drawbacks. And when it grew out of control, the concept of Simple Aesthetics started rooting. Using elementary methods in order to glorify your natural beauty can be its generalized definition. Newer generations are shifting their interests to inner beauty and stripping off the outer knick-knacks.

Now beauty can be found anywhere, not only in the art or makeup but also in day to day life activities. One can find delicacy everywhere including food, nature, designs, etc. The very concept of Simple Aesthetic thrives on using minimal things to beautify. A  HONIDA x Minimalissimo wrist watch can be a perfect example of this. This time merchandise, manufactured by European heritage brand HONIDA in collaboration with Minimalissimo magazine, is made by using limited material yet looks fabulous and appealing. Artifacts just like this are an inspiration to the creators to use lesser elements and build a valuable product.

visual aesthetics

Beauty is described through the eyes of viewer. It is actually sensed through touches and not through sights. Real aesthetic is the inner sole characteristic and not in the appearance. Mostly people prefer any kind of product for the aesthetic design and the actually product working is not considered in this factor. They aer not aware of the working even while looking at the beauty. There are 4 important factors to consider with the design and each has its simple element which is defined as the beauty of every product. They are

Vision – This is the dominant sense in the views of majority people. The key elements with this visual aesthetics are color, shape, pattern, line, texture, balance, scale, proximity and movements.

Hearing – The design that can be perceived through this whole another are considered to be the particular kind of design and the elements are loudness, pitch, beat, repetition, melody, pattern and noise. To explain it with example, music can be taken into consideration.

Touch – Human body has the largest support of skin which can experience the whole lot physical products worth through it. The elements with this sector are texture, shape, weight, comfort, temperature, sharpness and so on.

Taste and smell – This is really one of the most important gorgeous factor to consider while we look ar the different environment designs. This factors has the elements like strength, sweetness, sourness and texture.