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Frightening Facts About the Improvement of AI

Today’s world is undeniably dominated by new advances to the technology— truly this is the future; the digital era. As seasons change, as years passed by, the more technology has become digitally competitive. Which was also the rise of artificial intelligence.

But how deep do digitalized and techy people know about AI (artificial intelligence)? How did it become a threat to computer systems and Microsoft dynamics? Today, find out more through the inside information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners in the UK.

The Impending Threats Brought by Improving AI

We all want the best for the future, it is a promise that programmers and online experts lived up today. However, there are certain lines in which one needed to also take a look at. One of those is the development of AI. read more below from microsoft dynamics crm partners in the UK.

microsoft dynamics crm partners in the UKIs it a threat or help for the future generation?

  1. AI Would Take Over Jobs

The use of such automation would cause people to lose their jobs a few more years from now. This is because AI has capabilities that   what humans can. To say the least, AI is more capable than human beings. This is why it is a threat to human capabilities because they can do anything better than almost anyone.

  1. They’re Better Than Human Hackers

What better than human hackers is AI. basically, the root cause of scientists who continues to create AI hackers is to counter “bad” human hackers, this is to also protect businesses from sudden online threat— or to put in a way that the internet space will be a safe world again.  But it does not end to that, given that the AI hacker can also be used incorrectly too, this way it could be a more serious threat than of those human hackers.

  1. An AI Can Get into Your Head

Imagine nanorobots that can get inside our brain and give us all the available known information.  They could help people send and receive emails, photos, and videos directly into people’s brains. This might sound an advantage but it creeps out a lot of people too, the most complex thing in human history, the brain, an AI can have access to. It is rather scary more than impossible.

  1. They’re Slowly Becoming Human

The new generation of humans— can you believe it? In 20 years’ time, the world will be dominated by both humans and robots. This is because AI is starting to become a lot more human, they are starting to understand our behavior and emotions, they are starting to act human and be more than what a human can do and feel. In fact, if you are to search the web today, there are already a number of artificially intelligent machines that are designed to look like a person and that one can interact too.

  1. They Could Be Used as Weapons

AI can be a good advantage to the military industry. However, if these robots are being used as weapons is the greatest threat it can also be a great threat to human history. Pentagon is using billions just to stay ahead in the development of AI on the battlefield.

Now you decide, is AI a threat or help to the future? For more information, you can go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners in the UK now.