best vinyl plank floor in Ephrata, PA

Make the Best Out of Your Floors with the Best Vinyl Plank Floor in Ephrata, PA

Various materials are used for finishing decorative floors: linoleum, porcelain tiles, parquet flooring, and laminate. This coating has been around for a long time. They managed to grab the trust of millions of users because of their outstanding performance. Recently, many have preferred polyvinyl chloride (PVC) floor tiles.

 What’s that? 

Polyvinyl chloride fibers – flooring, appeared recently on the market. Visually, it looks like a premium class of linoleum, and that’s the second name – linoleum. This material is sold in the form of squares or rectangles. Due to this very reason, the coating is easy to install. PVC has the same material as linoleum. This coating is characterized by high wear resistance, environmental friendliness, and reasonable cost.

 It has the following structural uniqueness: 

  • the main layer is made of plastic;
  • glass fiber inserts are designed to stabilize the size of the material;
  • decorative coatings with patterns that are responsible for the aesthetic characteristics of the product;
  • a special protective sheath that protects the coating from mechanical stress.

 Scope of application 

PVC tiles are used for coating the floor surface in the premises of any purpose. It can arrange a heated floor in the room, which is very important for private country buildings and apartments located on the first floor.

  • Bathroom and kitchen. This material would be a great addition to these rooms. Thanks to the high safety and resistance to high humidity, tiles will maintain aesthetics in difficult conditions for a long time.
  • Bedroom, living room, corridor. Because the decorative material is suitable for any room, the wide range of products allows you to choose the floor for any interior space.
  • Children’s room. This coating does not emit harmful substances during operation, so it is ideal for finishing rooms where children live. PVC tiles in the nursery will be the best solution because of their environmental friendliness.
  • Commercial real estate, office space, warehouses, and garages. Durable plastic tile flooring is allowed in industrial workshops, exhibition centers, grocery stores.

To decorate living rooms and offices, you can buy household tiles, which have excellent aesthetic qualities, but mediocre technical parameters. Choose tiles and create a unique floor in any premises with the best vinyl plank floor in Ephrata, PA.