What is electricity? Mention some of the electricity promotion in Singapore

Electricity is the set of phenomena which is associated with the motion of electric charge. Electricity is most important in day-to-day activities including lighting, static electricity, electric heating, electric discharges and many other activities. As it is being used in all the activities of our daily life, it is must to save it. The eletricity promotion singapore gives more offers to save the electricity bill. Some of the electricity promotions are listed below:

  • Sunseap – DBS Promotion
  • Sunseap – UOB promotion
  • Sunseap – NTUC promotion

Sunseap – DBS Promotion –This Sunseap DBS promotion is applicable only for the domestic accounts and also for new customers of Sunseap. The terms and conditions of this promotion cannot be used with any other ongoing plans of this promotion.

electicity market

Sunseap- UOB promotion –The first 2000 customers using this UOB promotion will get reduction for the first three consecutive months for your electricity bills.

Sunseap – NTUC promotion –This promotion is only available for the existing NTUC members. The conditions of this NTUC promotion are also valid only for the domestic accounts and the new customers who signs up for the 24 months of the price plan.

Some of the other electricity promotions in Singapore are iSwitch. They open electricity market promotions which give more offers and discounts for the electricity bills with sign-up bonuses, credit card rebates, freebies and more. They give offer based on the usage of electricity whether it is domestic usage or others.