Some tips to get the best Facial in Missouri City, TX

Facial in Missouri City, TX is a full-service spa and salon. We offer a wide range of treatments, from your basic facial to an oxygen-infused peel. We use only the finest quality products such as Dermalogica, Phytomer, Moroccanoil, and more. Facial in Missouri City provides you with a tranquil experience that is second to none and continues until long after you leave the spa. You will enjoy our calming scents of lavender and eucalyptus throughout our facility, amenities like free WiFi or organic tea in our waiting area, as well as excellent customer service by knowledgeable staff members for all your needs before and after leaving the spa.

Some tips to get the best Facial in Missouri City, TX:

  1. Avoid facial treatments on clean skin. It is best to choose a service about two weeks after a full body treatment or cleansing with scrubs and exfoliants.
  1. Avoid facial treatments on an emotionally charged day, as this can cause sensitivity or worse: an allergic response.
  1. Avoid wearing deodorant or perfumes the day of your Facial in Missouri City, TX appointment because they will block the pores and leave you feeling fuller the rest of the evening, which most likely leads to a red face in photos shortly after.
  1. Avoid applying masks or clay to the face when you are expecting. The mask could interfere with the facial treatment by clogging up the pores or leaving an uncomfortable residue if it does not dissolve.
  1. If you have sensitive skin, avoid oil-based treatments such as a facial in Missouri City, TX, body products, and anything rich in glycerin because this can lead to breakouts. Instead use some Vaseline after your Facial in Missouri City, TX service to prevent these nasty breakouts from occurring.
  1. Avoid applying anything on top of your facial treatment because it will leave behind a sticky residue that can clog up pores.
  1. Avoid using medications that have contact with the skin immediately after your facial treatment in Missouri City, TX because they will irritate.
  1. If you are not satisfied with what you experience after your Facial in Missouri City, TX, come by for another service (yes to the same spa!) within one month of the first so that we can maintain optimum results.